Disinfection of conveyors and production resources


Modulaire oppervlakte desinfectie unit

desinfectie tunnel voor oogstkar

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Oppervlakte desinfectie unit in slede

Disinfection of conveyors and production resources

In the food processing-, pharmaceutical- and the (glass) horticultural industries, products during processing are in contact with the surfaces of conveyor belts and /or means of production. By using UV-C to radiate the bottom of the conveyor belt, the amount of germs is kept low and cross contamination will be avoided. UV-C is making an important contribution to keep your products clean. Another good example of this application is the cleaning of baskets and plates in proofers.
G.L.A. has applied this method of disinfection successfully for many years. We therefore have extensive experience in applying this method by looking beyond the standard application. We pay attention not only to the effectiveness but also to the safety of people and materials that may come in contact with UV-C. And because G.L.A. produces ourselves, we can perfectly integrate our systems in your situation. In addition, we can also make you a very competitive offer.

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