Lamps and HACCP sleeves

Lamps and HACCP sleeves

Lamps and HACCP shatterproof sleeves

G.L.A. supplies, often from stock, at competitive prices, the full Philips lamps and ballasts program. Low, medium and high pressure mercury discharge lamps and amalgam lamps. We also have an international network of suppliers to our disposal who can offer a solution for very specific projects to which the standard program offers no solution.

The Philips program.

To meet the guidelines for shatterproof lamps, G.L.A has equipment to provide lamps with a splinter free sleeve or coating. For UV-C lamps, this also means that we have the right materials with high permeability and resistance to UV-C. All G.L.A. coated lamps comply with EN 61549.
For all sizes of quartz glass round or flat, with or without filters please contact us.

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