Open irradiation

BSL3 Laboratorium

Open aanstraling food klein

Open aanstraling

Open irradiation

By installing fixtures on walls or ceilings, the entire volume of air and the airborne microorganisms are directly exposed to high intensities of radiation. A strong reduction in the number of microorganisms is thereby achieved very quickly. An additional effect here is that surfaces are kept clean. In this form of air disinfection, no people or animals can be in the space without protective measures.

Examples of applications are:

  • Reducing the bacterial count in the air and on surfaces in production-, refrigeration- and storage areas to prevent cross infection or contamination of products. For this application, we also produce IP67 fittings in stainless steel.
  • Air and space disinfection and calamity control in laboratories (including BSL3 and 4) and hospitals. For this application we also manufacture fully enclosed fixtures with quartz glass.
  • Air disinfection in sputum collection booths, sputum induction, bronchoscopy and changing rooms.
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